Our Partners

Since the outset, the relationship with our suppliers has been imperative with quality being at the centre of what we are trying to produce. So far we have found some incredible manufacturing partners in Ireland, Singapore and China.
We spent several months getting samples from a large range of suppliers and continue to do so as we look to expand our range. We have built very strong business relationships so far and look to continue this as we expand using our growing network for referrals to ensure their business practices and quality is at the forefront. 
All of our suppliers must adhere and sign up to our supplier code of conduct to ensure that the values and goals of Kwack are upheld. As we continue to expand our range and supply top quality products we will ensure each of our suppliers are at a level that we hold ourselves too.
If you want to find out any more about our suppliers or want to potentially work with us then please reach out at info@kwackgolf.com.